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The benefits of freelance marketing

  • A fresh perspective
  • Flexible and cost-effective
  • Full commitment
  • Access to expert help
  • Moral support
  • No staffing costs
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A comprehensive management service for all your business marketing requirements

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Ideal if you have a specific project in mind but don't need regular marketing.

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Friendly advice on everything from general marketing to business strategy.

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Practical Marketing Advice for Small Business

GDPR and consent: is your list compliant?

I expect you’ve seen a lot about GDPR in your news feeds recently. With fewer than 60 days to go small businesses. are starting to get more and more interested in what this means for their business. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect anyone who processes personal information. Personal information is classed as […]

Working in bad weather? The internet is your friend!

Life can get stressful if you need to figure out how to keep working in bad weather. I’m currently considering whether I should be flattered that our current storm has been named after me. Whilst sitting in the comfort of my home, still working. There was a time when I’d dread the forecast for snow […]

7 small but very important words

I recently had an interesting conversation with someone I’d like to work with. We were talking about whether it was worth spending time and money (uh oh, not those guys again) on marketing their business. This is a very common question for business owners! How did you find out about us? Naturally I was interested to […]

“Hi, what do you do?”

You’ve got 30 seconds to a minute of your perfect customer’s time. What do you say? When first set up my freelance marketing consultancy, I spent a long time thinking about my answer to – “what do you do?” When I was employed it was quite easy to rattle off the business name, what it […]

What Does the M Word Mean to You?

When I was first thinking about business names The M Word was my favourite. It took me a long time to think of it and was just one idea on a long list. As it took a lot of thought I was somewhat disappointed to find that it was already being used by a similar […]

6 Tips to Maximise Exhibiting at a Trade Show

So, you’ve gone and done it. You’ve booked a stand at a trade show. It’s not for another 8 months which means you can worry about it a couple of weeks before you go. Right?…. Wrong! With busy working schedules it’s hard for small business owners to find the time to fit in planning for […]